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Wildlife rescue center and butterfly farm

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Our Mission is to end illegal wildlife trafficking through education, rescuing wildlife, and protecting their habitats. With our Uakari project, we are trying to repopulate and integrate these endangered species into their original habitat.


Our Vision is a world where animals are treated with respect and compassion and can live in their natural habitat without being threatened by humans.


At Pilpintuwasi we respect all living beings and consider education crucial to raising awareness about the plight of natural environments.

Latest News

welcome Sultan- our new coati!

Please welcome… Sultan – the South American Coati. The ecological police of Iquitos, Peru had given us this young male on Saturday, 11th March 2023. The new addition to Pilpintuwasi wildlife rescue and isn’t he just the cutest?  (ESPAÑOL ABAJO) Unfortunately, they are becoming an increasingly popular pet due to the Coati’s appearance (unusual and rather beautiful). The rise of pet trends is disastrous for biodiversity

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Spider-monkeys (ATELES)

Spider-monkeys, one of the largest primates in the Americas and a frequent sight seen across growing “exotic pet trends” and entertainment. These highly intelligent and social creatures are often found in troops of up to 30 individuals, however, there has been groups recorded with having over 100 members in the wild.  The spider monkey has very long, thin arms with no opposable thumb – instead a

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Alberto – Tuyuyo

🦋Español abajo🦋   Alberto, is a Jabiru stork also known locally in Peru as a Tuyuyo – now that’s fun to say! The species name comes from the Guarani language and means “swollen neck” as these birds are able to inflate their air sacs at will. These are one of the largest birds in the Americas standing 5ft tall and with a wingspan of over 8ft they

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Join our team of volunteers who are working to take care of the animals here in Pilpintuwasi. Together we are helping these animals to live as close to their natural conditions as possible.


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Animal sponsorships are a great way to make wonderful and appreciated gifts for children and others who care about animals.
With your sponsorship, you will help us to cover the costs for each sponsored animal and allow the animals to live in comfort and have a better quality of life.



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Our Visitors

suuuper cool butterfly sanctuary. definitely a highlight of our time in Iquitos. fun, very informative tours available in English or Spanish. There are several species of birds and monkeys, sloths, a few ocelots, a tapir, and even a jaguar there for now. Well worth a visit

zaq C

Zaq C

(Translated by Google) Gudrun is an extraordinary person dedicating her life to helping animals and butterflies, for me it is something extraordinary It is not a zoo as they indicate on the contrary they want these animals to be free but in some cases it is not possible due to certain situations I hope this pandemic passes and again they can generate income so that they continue to help


Lizbeth Lidia Chuctaya

Very amazing place where you will see much more than butterflies. Various monkeys, Macaws, Ocelot, Jaguar, Tapier, and Tortoise. Well informed guides who care deeply about the animals there. A responsible sanctuary for animals.


Mike Strollo

Help us give the animals a second chance