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Happy New Year


Pilpintuwasi here with a little late greeting. Happy New Year!!!

Here at Pilpintuwasi, we want to send out a BIG heartfelt thank you to all the people who visited us last year, and also to all those who made donations – and of course our Jaguar sponsor.
It was because of all of you, we were able to take care of all our residents and provide them with care and a good home.

Last year was considered a good busy year. We were even capable of providing a new bunch of animals with care and shelter. These are the animals we provided a new home for. 5 Wooly monkeys, 1 Owl monkey, 2 Saki monkeys, 1 Titi monkey, and a bunch of Squirrel monkeys. We also had the arrival of two uakaris Greg and Kiara.
We were also able to complete a good amount of projects. We got a new well and we were able to build some more on our tunnel. Once it’s finished, we will be able to release more of our animals to run around freely in the area.

But sadly, it’s not all smiles and happiness. Last year we with sorrow, had to say our goodbyes to a few animals as well. Sadly we lost Felix this past year, who passed away after an operation.

Operating animals is a very hard thing to do and it does not always go as planned. Last year we also had a very complicated operation that went well thanks to our talented veterinarian.
One of the Spider monkeys, Semanda, had swallowed a big Aguaje seed.
The seed had the size of an egg! and had on the way to the stomach become stuck in the esophagus. But thankfully, our veterinarian was able to get it out.

So while we are at it, we would also like to give out a big thank you to our veterinarian, and all the volunteers who came and worked with us in 2016.
It was great having you all.
Lastly a very BIG thank you to Carry and Charlott.

So a huge Happy New Year to you all out there from all of us here!!!
May it be everything you wished for.

Here at Pilpintuwasi, we wish for a year with no sickness and we hope for a year with more funding, since sadly we are in a huge need. With this in mind, we cross our fingers for a great 2017!

Happy New Year!!!

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