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I am very sad to have to announce that Pedro Bello, our beloved jaguar, has passed away . It’ s hard to express in a few words what he meant to me and Pilpintuwasi.
In december 2000, a 9 months old jaguar cub was left at the grounds of what now stands as Pilpintuwasi. Due to circumstances he could never be released into the wild, but l think he was quite happy during the 24 years he spent with us.
He was the heart of Pilpintuwasi, a catalyst for change, the beginning of our fight to help wild animals, victims of illegal trade.
We gave him all our love and the admiration and respect he deserved. I want to thank Roxie especially, who sponsored “his majesty” to live the best life possible in captive care.

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His Highness, his Majesty

Pedro Bello you are loved. Run free now, the jungle is your home ❣

I am not one to write personally onto our social media but I know Pedro was special not only to me but to many of us. His gaze was strong to the end, wise and powerful.

King of my heart.

Sending love,
Gudrun Sperrer 

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