Welcome Togus!

A big welcome to our newcomer here at Pilpintuwasi!

Togos is a three-year-old male ocelot which was found by Ms. Maria Valseca as a newborn cub, just off the river Rio Marañón. His mother was nowhere to be seen, it is thought that a dog had chased her off and she left her cub behind. Maria decided to take the helpless cub home.
She still remembers when Togos opened his eyes for the first time after 17 days. He grew up with her family and acted much like a domestic cat. Over the following, two and a half years Maria and Togos built a very close bond. However, as he became bigger, it got more and more difficult for the family to offer the amount of food and space an ocelot needs. Besides, with increasing age, his wild instincts began to show. In August he attacked Maria´s husband in an act of jealousy. The family then decided that it was necessary to find him a new home…
As Maria had visited Pilpintuwasi, she thought that our rescue center would be the best option. She has subsequently attained the necessary legal papers from the governmental authorities RAA (Regional Ambient Authority) to authorize this adoption. Finally, with the transfer complete, Togos has settled in well here at Pilpintuwasi and gets regular visits from Maria and her family.

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